When should Faberry Week 2014: The Sequel be held?


Hey, everyone! It’s time to start preparing for the next Faberry Week, and the first order of business is figuring out when to have it.

This poll will be open until 11:59pm EST, September 20, 2014.

(If the poll isn’t showing on your dashboard, click here. It will take you the actual post on the Faberry Week tumblr page, and you’ll be able to see the poll just fine.)

After the week has been decided on, I’ll ask you guys for prompts, which we will then put to a vote.


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This story is set in a world where genetic modifications reign supreme, where humans are less human than the modified, superior races brought forth by the Creators: the Great, and the Givers. War rages. The world turns. Individuals matter. 

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LGBTQ Independent Cinema Needs You


Okay, lovers. I really, truly, need you, right now.

As you know, I just kicked off a fundraiser for a movie. That movie is a sci-fi comedy about two ex-girlfriends who can’t seem to stop arguing even though there’s a body snatching robot takeover happening. It’s a fun, goofy kind-of thriller with a non-heteronormative couple at the forefront.

I’m making this movie because we need more movies like this, as in movies that include us but don’t center around coming out or being bullied or anything that could be a Lifetime movie. Not that we don’t need those, too, but there’s a significant gap in the “pure entertainment” selection when it comes to the LGBTQ library of films. Think about why you read and love fanfic. Think about the joy that comes from just being able to read a story about two people in love (or angsting about it) without that subplot of the worry they’ll get caught. Some of our favorite fics are seemingly ridiculous AUs that thrust us into mayhem just for kicks. We need that in our mainstream media, too.

I know not everyone can financially contribute. I’ve been there. I also know some of you have already made a donation. You’re awesome. What I need from all of you, from every single one of you who truly believes in LGBTQ representation and women in film and pissing off the conservative corporate regime, is your voice.

Share this fundraiser. Talk about this movie. Like us, follow us, friends us… just the sheer numbers of people on a Facebook page or Twitter account help validate what I’m doing. And I’m doing this for us.

So please, when you have a second, consider lending yourself to the cause.


If you have any questions about where this money goes, in regard to the film, a lot of that in answered in the video on the IndieGogo page. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can ask me here or send them over to probablerobotmovie@gmail.com

Thank you.


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Anonymous asked: I'd like to vent my anger over fan fiction writers feeling entitled!

Okay, I would like to start off by saying I understand you may feel angry about the post that was reblogged. 

I started this blog with the sole purpose of making it possible for ALL Fanfiction writers to be noticed and given the credit they deserve. In a fandom this large with most of the Fic on FF.net and LJ (When it first started) it’s hard to not just see the most ‘popular’ fics. I wanted to change that and I think my co-admin and I work our asses off to make that happen.

I’d also like to bring attention to all the other people in this fandom who do so much i.e. Fanart, Video’s,Charity, Faberry work, Con’s and Glee news etc. 

Do you think this stuff magically appears? Nope, it doesn’t. People spend hours, months, even years writing and working on all these things. We just want readers and the like to be a bit more appreciative.

So to answer your question and to quote one of my favorite writers…

Writers are entitled. They are entitled to their own ideas. They are entitled to their own stories. They are entitled to tell the story how they want. They are entitled to ignore readers they don’t agree with. They are entitled to create their own work. It’s their project and they are entitled.

We as readers are entitled to ONE thing, Read it or NOT