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Quinn sighed as she dug her hand into her purse, rifling through lipstick tubes, packs of gum, and a few old tickets to Rachel’s shows before coming into contact with her keys. It had been a long day and she as looking forward to coming home to her beautiful fiancée and having a relaxing night. Once Quinn succeeded in unlocking the door, she pushed it open and stepped inside the comfortably-furnished, albeit slightly small, apartment she shared with Rachel in Manhattan. Dumping her bag onto the kitchen counter, she scanned the room for Rachel.

“Rach?” Quinn called out when there was no sight of Rachel. Her eyes moved from the couch, where she usually found the small brunette—more often than not running lines with herself, or else rehearsing a number or two—to the kitchen table, where a place setting for two had been laid out. Confused, Quinn furrowed her brow and called out to Rachel again. When there was no reply, Quinn crossed the apartment and pushed open the door to their shared bedroom, gasping slightly as she took in the state of the room.

The dresser top had been decorated with a few heart-shaped candles, each already lit and emanating a faint smell of roses; on the small table in the corner sat Quinn’s record player, a few soft notes lilting toward her ears as the vinyl spun in quick circles; two empty glasses had been placed on the night stand, undoubtedly by Rachel, and next to them rested a large bottle of Merlot. Quinn’s eyes glanced toward the bed, which she noticed had been set with her favorite silk sheets. On top of the sheets, lay Rachel, face down and in nothing but a pair of light-blue panties. Her long, dark hair splayed across her back and Quinn’s breath caught in her throat as she took in the complete scene before her.

Shrugging off her blazer and draping it carefully over the corner chair, Quinn took two long strides toward the bed, and sat down gently beside Rachel. She brought her hand up and ran it lightly across Rachel’s shoulder blades, pushing her dark hair away. She leaned down and placed soft kisses from her right shoulder to her left, humming a little as she did so. When she lifted her head again, trailing her pointer finger up and down Rachel’s spine, the sleeping girl began to stir. Not removing her fingers from Rachel’s back, Quinn switched her movements from a straight line, to small circles along her girlfriend’s lower back.

“Mmmm, Quinn,” Rachel breathed, squirming a little and yawning groggily.

“Hi, love,” Quinn smiled, increasing the pressure of her fingers.

“I was sleeping,” Rachel mumbled, obviously still out of it.

“Hmm, I can see that,” Quinn giggled. “I called you a few times, but you didn’t answer. I love what you did with the room though.”

“What I did with….with…” Rachel said, sounding confused. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she jerked upright. “Oh my god! Wait! No no no no!” she covered her eyes with her hands and groaned. “I fell asleep!”

“Is that a bad thing?” Quinn pressed, playing with the ends of Rachel’s hair to calm her.

“Yes!” Rachel growled, frustration bubbling within her. “I planned this entire night for you. It was going to be romantic and sexy and I decorated and bought your favorite wine and I was going to make you this really fancy dinner and then we were going to make love with candles and rose petals and…Quinnn!” she whined, mentally berating herself.

Quinn bit her lip, trying to keep from melting completely.

“You were going to do all that for me?” she asked, her eyes tearing a little.

“Of course. You’ve been so overworked lately, and I had the evening off and I wanted to do something really special for you, but I had to go ahead and ruin it by falling asleep!” Rachel cried, groaning and flopping back down on the bed, face up this time.

Quinn moved to lie next to her, wrapping her arms around Rachel and pulling her close.

“Rach, you have no idea what that means to me. Just the fact that you had it all planned… you’re so sweet and I love you so much. But the night isn’t ruined, I promise.”

“Yes it is,” Rachel pouted. “Dinner isn’t cooked, the room isn’t finished, and I’m in these old ratty panties.”

“Dinner can wait, the room looks beautiful, though obviously nowhere near as beautiful as you,” Quinn reassured, placing light kissed to the crown of Rachel’s head.        

“I went out and bought new underwear for tonight,” Rachel sighed. “I was going to greet you at the door wearing it and then make you sit through dinner without being able to touch me.”

“Rachel!” Quinn gasped. “That’s not romantic, that’s teasing!”

“I’m joking, hon,” Rachel giggled. “But I did buy some lingerie…I was going to have it on under my dress so that you’d be surprised when you undressed me.”

Quinn felt her face flush and she squirmed a little under Rachel.

“That…that would’ve been really hot.”

“Hmmm, yeah, it would’ve.”

There was a pause while neither girl spoke.

“Do you happen to have it with you, like now?”

“It’s in the drawer.”

“Well then, I believe I can think of a way to salvage the rest of the night, if you’re up for it,” Quinn whispered into Rachel’s ear, nipping her earlobe as she pulled away.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Rachel commanded, her voice raspy.

“Like I would,” Quinn rolled her eyes and squeezed Rachel’s ass as she moved to roll off the bed.

A few minutes later, Rachel emerged from the bathroom and Quinn forgot how to breathe.


“Yes well, that is the plan,” Rachel winked, teasingly. She was wearing a matching black bra and panty set, with red lacing around the edges. The top was corseted, and fit perfectly, pushing her breasts up and together—a feature not lost on Quinn, whose gaze was directed at Rachel’s chest.

“You look—my god—Rachel,” Quinn stammered, holding out her hands for Rachel to approach her.

“I’m glad you like it,” Rachel grinned at the floor, suddenly shy. “I know it’s a bit much, but like I said, I really wanted this night to be special for you. I feel like lately you’ve been doing so much for me and I wanted to show you how much I appreciate it.”

“God, even when you’re wearing this and offering yourself to me for sex, you still manage to be the sweetest thing on the entire planet,” Quinn murmured.

“Well, I love you,” Rachel shrugged.

“I love you more than anything in the whole world, Rachel,” Quinn said, before pulling the smaller girl down on top of her and latching their lips together. “You’re my everything.”


For the anon who asked. Sorry it took a while, it’s been crazy around here lately :) Also sorry for the way this one ended, my writing was off and I was aggravated by the way it was coming out, so I didn’t go into any smut. But I hope it was at least satisfactory! For everyone else who submitted prompts to me, I promise I’m formulating ideas as we speak! Thank you all again for all of these prompts: as always, they’re incredibly fun.

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